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Re: Yea i know .. but?

Michael Thompson wrote:


When i owned (now sold) a lovely Canon 7D i found that i had to expose to the right of the histogram all of the time if i did that the shadows were v good no noise and i learned to PP in Pshop for slightly blown skies which wasnt a problem for me.

this i then carried over to the 5D2 and now the 5D3 as to my eyes a little bit of over exposure (skies) is much preferred and correctable whereas noise in shadow area looks awfull, again to my eyes (i use + 2/3rd exp comp mostly and sometimes 1/3rd.

of course the question i now ask is - why worry about a little shadow noise under a hat (which occupies a tiny area of the total image) i would assume that the other 99% of the image DR is looking good (it is i yes, no?

the Fuji X10 does a lot of PP processing inside the X10 in-camera jpg's to deliver fantastic images - Canon DSLR don't do any (raw) and mostif not all Canon in-camera jpg look unimpressive (awfull at times) to my eye .. here the X10 is the king with jpg,

the Sun will return this week in the UK with a vengeance 27c is forecast, lovely!


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Eos 1v Film SLR now covered in dust, sad but true.....

Yeh + 2/3rds seems to be about right and the results are not too bad. One day we will have everything:-)

To be honest Mike, the majority of the images being landscape type shots you take do need a completely different process than my coastal shots with lots of white or light coloured boats + the white surf( why don't they paint the boats a more photogenic colour:-) and where this noise came to light was shooting someones son who was in a canoe. She wanted as many shots as I could get of him and of course he had a long nosed baseball cap on and wouldn't remove it( good job it wasn't a hoodie:-) So of course i got caught out but no big problems because the latest version of Imagenomic Noiseware is a superb program for removing noise and maintaining detail.

As you know the 5D3 is a superb camera to use(ergonomically) and I'm glad i got one but in all honesty anyone that doesn't mind the slightly noisier shutter and mirror return plus doesn't need the better AF etc could do a lot worse than pick up a 5D2 and I'm glad i still have both of mine.

Going on from that, I will check a bit more deeper into my hard drive but from memory the 1DSmk3 didn't make me sit up and notice the noise quite like the 5D3 so maybe that was all part of the extra the 1 series cost us and and I'll check my 1dsmk1 to see how that handles things.

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