Best m43 world traveller kit?

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Re: Best m43 world traveller kit?

lowimpact wrote:

Proooobably over-thinking this, but I've got a lot of international travel coming up to places I've never been before (Scandinavia, Seoul, Japan, etc.) and I'm trying to optimize the m43 gear I plan to take with.

I have travelled extensively with the following kit, and I'm very happy with the results:
E-P1 + 14-150 + 9-18 + 20

I have rarely (if ever) felt the need for a flash in travel.

During the day time (where you want to go out and take pictures), zoom lenses are the best. I tested out the 14-150 against 14-42 and 40-150, and it was almost as good as either of them, specially if you could stop it down. During the days, that's no issue. It was a bit expensive (~$600), but I have used it in so many vacations now that it has completely paid off for itself.

For museums and evenings, 20mm is the champ. In fact, when going out for the evening, I only take the 20mm and nothing else. I don't believe that primes belong to travel kits, aside for a normal (ish) prime for low light, which for me the 20mm fills the role nicely.

The 9-18 is an interesting animal. I usually don't use it much daily (if ever), but a good chunk of my travel photos are shot by it. So I keep it for my travels only.

I'm thinking about changing my camera to an E-M5, but the E-P1 still works so good that I can't quite convince myself to bite the bate!

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