NOT saying goodbye to foveon ;)

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My experience here...

I bought a cheap K5 combi last month, and an additional manual k-mount lens. And I share the same feeling as you, when I open the K5 files. It looks just at good as I expected at normal display resolution, but at 100%... well I won't repeat you.
So I keep both systems for now...

And like many of us, I also did some comparison shots, just to verify those feelings, and to justify the purchase (to my spouse) that every system has its merits. But what a surprise (of course many of you could have told me before hand), the difference are not as big as expected. My cheap K5 kit lens is quite good, and has some decent short distance capability. The other surprise was the high ISO performance of my DP2x. Here are two examples, one is with the K5 and 18-55 SMC lens (from 2007), the other with the DP2. Both shot at ISO 1600. And of course, I knew it, it's all about proper exposure.

I leave it to you which one is from the DP2x, but I won't turn it into a puzzle, because I think it too obvious.

PS: Please don't pick on the comparison, it's not meant to be a pixel peeping example, just a quick you-get-the-feeling comparison. Almost everything is different: I used window daylight during sunset, and a few minutes in between makes a huge difference. The aperture for one is 4.0 and the other is 2.8. The focal length is a bit different. It's not a 100% comparison,... and so on.

So, why do I keep both systems? I really like the possibilities of the K5 regarding manual lenses. And I love the size of the K5 system. When I pick up my camera bag with a complete K5 system (with two lenses spanning 18-200 mm) in, I need to check if everything is in there because it is so light. Why I keep my foveon: it's the sensation of opening the x3f files and look at them at 100%. And the richness of the raw data. While, I think (i have the feeling) that the shadow recovery from the K5 is better, the color/tonal playroom is better with x3f files.

Okay, I'll stop sharing my thoughts. Time to do something more relevant: sharing the joy of photography:

Above: With my family in the Aquarium of Burgers Zoo

Above: My son and daughter framed by a movie display

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