3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

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Re: 3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

Jay S. wrote:

Desert shots are inspiring.. I'm trying to rationalize the exposure settings? I'm not sure the time of day clock is accurate given 13:00:00 hour shot and either sunrise or sunset. I assume the others (the one with an 11:00:00) time of day are later in the day?

Great Post. Thanks,

Actually I just notice “because of your comment” that I have wrong time of shooting, the desert portrait without sunset photo "third photo" was captured in Siwa, Egypt, my camera time was 16:23:16 (Saudi Arabia time +3) and this was in Egypt so it should be +2; therefore the actual timing at the location of the shoot was 15:23:16 which is at the far west of Egypt so the sun was nearly in the middle of the sky.

There seems to be some definition in the dunes and swirls, which I'm not sure would be there midday.

It was midday, since this was a small mountain of sand and I was at its bottom shooting with the camera looking extremely upward, so the location of the sun and direction of light with the angle of the sand mountain was excellent for intensifying the dunes and swirls of that specific sand mountain, also the wide angle and being too close to the ground "laying down on sand" helped in creating the big waves of sand near to the bottom and as we go up it becomes so close together (I think this is a major factor in the beauty of this photo IMHO, adding to this the fact that all the dunes and swirls were diagonal lines which I think contribute to the Photo beauty).

Did you meter that exposure setting of ISO 100, 1/2000th or were you looking intentionally to darken the sky (or for that matter capture sand details).

I was shooting in Aperture priority mode and I metered at the brightest area of the sand to capture it details as you mentioned, the consequences was a dark sky :). By the way I have other versions where I completely overexposed the sand when I metered at the sky

Also, at 8mm were these crops of a broader landscape original? I can imagine a broad desert landscape to be even more awe inspiring.

No it is not crop, it is the full picture, but you can imagine the direction of the camera upward as I mentioned, and knowing that there was no tripod just me laying on the hot sand with camera over sand/ground so the bottom of the frame was far from the beautiful Sigma 8-16 mm by 5 cm at most. You have the full picture 'outside of the view finder" now I think.

Thanks for your comment, actually I like such conversations, which always trigger thoughts on how to do it better and bring back the “decisive moment” while capturing it


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