5d3 & Zeiss Distagon, Moire?

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Re: 5d3 & Zeiss Distagon, Moire?

It's the iPhone LCD or the small viewing size. There is no real moire in that image, but it shows even in a normal browser at small size. If you click on the image and view at actual size it disappears.

Just as an aside, I find it fascinating that people actually web browse on an iPhone, especially to view photos. How do you tolerate the tiny screen? Is normal life now so boring, that people are willing to put up with the mobile web experience while on the go?

Birdman7 wrote:

Correct me if im wrong, but I seem to the detect the presence of moire on the 2nd image from the top, which appears all through stopped down to f16 and seems to disappear at f22. If u look at the grey part of the building on top of the white sign there seems to be a semi circle appreaing over the horizontal lines. Could well b my iphone lcd screen protector playing tricks on the image. Im away from my Mac so cant say for sure.



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