3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

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Re: 3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

blogan wrote:

My dilemma is this. I have some interesting iceberg shots, just to mention a few things, but every time I try or make an attempt to do any post processing I usually find myself abandoning the project because the shots end up not looking like what I initially photographed or the way it was when I was standing there.

I don't do a lot of creative stuff, just documenting and photo journalism. Of course I try to compose as well as I can, but in the end when I PP I am left with a choice. Do I make the photos as absolutely pleasing to the eye of the average viewer as possible, or do I try to recreate the scene as close as possible to what it was when I shot it.

I have seen other photographer's photos of the same things and theirs look very different.

I understand the difference between the journalistic and the creative aspect, but since

the main point of my photography is to convey to the viewer what it was like to stand where I stood, I find it hard to do even the slightest color changes or saturation.

Believe me I just started real photography 4 years ago, and I do it like once every 3 month :), very busy with my real work. Anyway, I understand your dilemma, and sometimes I create 2 versions of the same picture, one for documenting an event at work for example and other versions to deliver beauty like all the above samples.

Most of them were just after playing with levels, contrast, vibrance with minor photo editing, the only exemption when I face "Distracting elements". And I usually remove them with the PS clone stamp.

I believe that it is right to do such post processing to convey beauty.

Thanks, for sharing your thoughts.


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