"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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While it is possible to quantify some extremely small variations in color among the outlier lenses in color performance, in the real world:

  • these differences are extremely tiny.

  • the assumption that the color of the most expensive lens or the most obscure lens is always better than that of the less expensive or less exotic lens has not basis in fact.

  • the differences a grossly dwarfed by differences among the lighting circumstances in which we shoot - e.g. "golden hour light," electronic flash, effect of blue sky, and much more.

  • the typical changes applied in normal post processing - leaving aside more radical work in post - such as color balancing, choices to warm the color balance, adjustments to black/white point, adjustments to curves, etc. further overwhelm and make moot the differences in lens color.

Photographs may possess or communicate "magic." I've seen many "magical" photographs. This magic has essentially nothing at all to do with supposedly magical lenses, and everything to do with the vision and skill of the photographer.


Press Correspondent wrote:

Vibrio wrote:

they stopped taking LSD when using the 5D2
there is nothing magical about the colours from any camera or lens combo

If by "magical" you mean pulling a white rabbit out of black hat, then yes. But in the meaning of this thread "magical" stands for "special", "lovely", "creamy", "pleasing". Surely colors are different for lenses. Zeiss is special. Leica has a famous "glow". Canon 70-200/4 with fluorite is lovely. No doubt colors produced by cameras are also different. Canon and Nikon are dramatically different. The colors of 5D have been praised by many for ages comparing favorably to both earlier and later models. Therefore your statement is not even wrong, it simply makes no logical sense other than your admission of personal lack of sensitivity or discretion. Thank you for your contribution to the thread.

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