What could I expect from an E-3 (over an E-520)?

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Re: Improved composition and framing


I would agree that the viewfinder makes a huge improvement.

My experience of the E3 is that its generally my favourite camera for ease of use, provided you can accept the weight.

Also, its great for HDR as it can do 5 frames, with 1EV between them.

Colours are more true to life, and less vivid out of camera.

100 iso is very clean, with very low noise.

I also have E600, E400, EP2, E300.

I find the E600 is very noisy on a pixel level at iso 100/200. EP2 is better but still not as good.

Not as sharp as E400. (incredibly sharp camera, also very vivid reds). You might miss the sharpness of your E510.

Least noise at ISO 100 than any olympus camera I have used.

I have got satisfactory photos at iso 1600 from it occasionally, but I rarely go over iso 400.

Its got a big buffer, and the autofocus is much better with all lenses than most other olympus cameras. I find the I.S. is better than the E600/EP2, particularly with the 70-300mm.

If you are can live with the extra weight, I suspect you will be very happy with the camera.

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