To sum up: strengths and weakness of the P510

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Re: To sum up: strengths and weakness of the P510

This treat realy puzzles me.

When someone is giving his thoughts... he is a troll
When someone owns this camere for -one- day he is alowed to give commends,
but of courese it must NOT be negative...
so, one day, two days, youre an expert and your opinion counts,

having it right from the beginning and NOT knowing your cam is NOT a 2.000mm optical, your an expert and your opinion counts... pfff... strange rules.

than..... i see things like:

nightwings wrote:

Shots produce incredible detail at base ISO for a pinhead sensor ... far better than its
competitors ...

FAR better... Hmmm, can you please give me links where the P510 does FAR better than the FZ150?? (respected links pls, not from a shoe sales person..)

and no, im not going to state the other things that where LESS than the Fz150 from that quote

Last, i see a wish list... P520... lol
Do you ppl realize that most of these thing are already on FZ150..

oeps soory forgot, you dont own that cam, so you have no clue what im talking about, that cam is a mistery for you

Saying only ppl who own the cam have any clue about what the are talking about,
sounds realy stupid to me, sorry.

There are many ppl who can take wonderfull pictures with many differant manufacturers.

There are NO bad cams anymore, only better performing on several area's, in stead of -one- area.

Topic should be:
Pls give some qotes about things you like on P510 POSITIVE ONLY

OWNERS only, (because i have rarely seen owners who say, i think i bought the wrong cam..or... other cams are better, so im stupiid)

ps: showing pictures is fine... but it doesnt compare to anything,
realy wanna see how the P510 compares to other ones?? even at FULL ZOOM ??
just say yes, and we have a deal.

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