I still keep my E-1.

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Re: I still keep my E-1.

I still keep BOTH E-1's and gave the third to my daughter who shoots for a living. I'd judge new Olympus bodies by how the E-1 was designed and built. It was so well put together. In as much as we have all the new features and resolution today, the E-1 provides a couple of things that just aren't around anymore, including the sanity of a five megapixel RAW or TIFF... (if one doesn't mind what may seem a relatively insane point made these days). Sure don't mind the display cover either... as much of a tease the E-1 display is but as long as the essentials are displayed, I'm OK. Usually don't have time to check anyway trying to get the next shot.

They are cameras that leave me with shots to really look forward to after downloading when I get home. The playback out in the field is about as muted or reserved as can be. In Photoshop, when the "wrapping comes off the present" I'm ready to gasp at the true results. It's the E-1 tease and excitement because the shoot isn't over until I'm in Photoshop. Great fun to use a camera that can't be underestimated, even today.

I suppose the other fun part about the ones I own is that they were in mint condition and likely have years left in them. Taking the new batteries or CF cards, it's as valuable as it was years ago! Hi res is not my greatest fancy. It's just another little option for 99% of what I need.

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