a Hobbyist wanting to sell their photos

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Re: a Hobbyist wanting to sell their photos

part 3

now if they are willing to buy a few images the next step is setting up an online business with PayPal. this will cost $3000 to $5000 for a 3 year online store. price depends on how much you get involved in writing the web site. this will take about 1 months for you to learn web writing. and another Month too post your site. signing up with a online Host. they give you about 30 days before you go live. a 30 day learning curve. the hardest part will be figuring out the shipping side of things.

as small note - when i started getting that WOW feed back when showing my BEST prints to people at work. that's when i took it to the next step and asked for Student Time with the best photographer in the area. asking him to review what i had for 1hr of student time @ $25. when he say WOW too. i knew i had a good chance of making money off my hobby.

so if you can get the WOW from your family, friends and work buddies. your on your way.

yes it might take years to build up that portfolio. but look at all that quality time spent with your wife, husband or child instead of watching TV.

in the long run its all about the Color, Subject, Retouching skills and Printing. those are more important then buying the big camera and lens. the bad thing is you need to know Printing 1st. Retouching 2nd. Getting thee Shot 3rd to be able to make a few bucks.

if you've taken 10,000 shots already. go through them. pick out your best 50. print them out and start showing them to people. after all - if your reading this. you have the time to get busy printing.

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