Powershot G1X battery shooting capacity seems fairly good

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Powershot G1X battery shooting capacity seems fairly good

Battery shooting capacity with the G1X really isn't that bad. Perhaps that was blown out of proportion by just a few naysayers, or maybe not. Your results might vary, but for my normal shooting routine shooting capacity is better than I was led to believe.

These are my results from a shooting session early Sunday morning. I set up the G1X with an intervalometer and captured 440 images (220 CR2 RAW and 220 JPEG) in just over 1-1/2 hours. (See list of shooting settings below.) The LCD was powered on for the entire shoot. I was using an after market Power2000 1200mAh battery, rather than the stock battery. At the end of the session the battery icon was still showing 3 of 3 bars, what the manual (p. 223) calls "sufficient charge." No clue as to percentage of battery capacity used, but I think we can assume that less than 35% was depleted, and possibly a lot less than 35%. Canon specifications indicate that normal shooting capacity with the stock battery and the LCD turned On is approximately 250 shots. So "sufficient charge" after 220 shots (440 images) with the LCD on continuously for over 90 minutes seems good. Granted this was with an after market battery, but this battery only cost $10 on Amazon.

  • Mode: Manual

  • Focus: MF

  • LCD: On entire session

  • Flash: not used

  • Speed: ISO-200

  • Aperture: f/5.6

  • Shutter: 20 seconds

  • Interval: 25 seconds (20 + 5)

  • Exposures: 220

  • Elapsed Time: about 92 minutes

  • Image Quality: RAW + JPEG

    1. of Images: 440 (220 RAW + 220 JPEG)

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