Gear for Ireland trip

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Re: Gear for Ireland trip

I just got back from an REI hiking trip to Ireland a few weeks ago - it was a fantastic trip. I was shocked at how diverse the landscapes were.

I think your 18-105 and 8-16 are perfect choices. I primarily used my 10-24 and 24-70, although I also brought my 10.5 fisheye. IMO, leave the 50mm at home, unless you want to shoot a band in a pub. Even then, they were so tight/crowded, that I think 50 mm would be too long to be of much use. I used a rain sleeve almost every day as the rain would come and go.

I brought and carried my tripod and monopod (doubled as walking stick) on the 6 - 10 mile hikes and used both at different times. My biggest problem was being with a group and not being able to stop and use a tripod whenever I wanted to. I didn't regret carrying it even though I wished I could have used it more. Obviously, your companions could get very annoyed if you tried to set up a tripod too often so I'd keep that in mind also.

Some will say "are you on vacation, or is it is photo trek". To me, I don't have the luxury of dedicated photo treks and try to do both. If I am on vacation somewhere and don't have something I wish I had, I get upset. I believe that Ireland is a beautiful and photographically diverse enough place that you should error on the side of slight overpacking rather than underpacking, but that is me.

mjulson wrote:

Heading to Ireland for two weeks, via self driven tour of southern half. Trying to pack light but I'm torn on a couple equipment choices. Using a D90 and planning to take 18-105 and 8-16 UWA.

I have a nice quality manfrotto tripod, but not a super light one. Is it worth trucking over there? I normally use it for planned destinations and shots and don't have a good track record about pulling it out as needed. I'm concerned it will sit in the rental car and take up space/weight on flights.

Second is a 50mm 1.8. It's nice and tiny but I rarely pull it out since the 18-105 gives me the flexibility. I've personally never found a good use for the lens where I was able to produce better shots with it. (my learning curve, not the lens). Should I bring it along or save the space. I'm wondering if I'll regret not having it on early morning or dusk times or when it's overcast.

Thanks for any experience you can share.

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