Photokina Speculation

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Re: a D400 with RX100's sensor

lens resolution is one issue, handshake is totally another.
the sensor size has no say in handshake, because it's an issue of angles.

about the lens resolution, you cannot simply compare them in lp/mm.
it's more against the image circle, or the picture height, and small lenses
are more limited by the aperture size which is less a problem for APS-C cameras.

Sony RX100's sensor resolution is about 200 lp/mm which is only half of
the sharpest 35mm lens (one that I know is Zeiss Biogon 25/2.8).
we can make much sharper lenses (in lp/mm) than that for APS-C DSLRs
and more for Sony NEX and Canon EF-M.

we should be about to have same pixel counts for all the cameras
1", 4/3", APS-C, ... to over 100MPs without any technology breakthrough.

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