"Paul Ryan's early Poll numbers are the worst since Dan Quayle"

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Re: You don't see the irony, do you???

mamallama wrote:

WoodMaven wrote:

Exhibit one from the grand loser:

You must be ballistic now. You just keep saying the same thing. So you must like me telling you about your Nazi heritage or should I believe Illegal Mexican who says you are really a Nazi.

I think you are definitely a fascist, but so far the only thing I have to go by that you are a Nazi is the word of Illegal Mexican. But does he know enough about you? Do you know him?

Interesting . . .

Didn't Illegal Mexican claim to live under WoodMaven's shed in Boulder, Colorado?

Typical illegal Mexicans . . .

Funny . . . when we used to live in Boulder (10 years ago), we had a family of five skunks move in under our shed!

I got rid of them using towels soaked in ammonia (tip given to me by the humane society).

I stuffed those ammonia-soaked towels under the shed and they moved out within minutes and never returned!

Perhaps that was Illegal Mexican and his family . . .

WoodMaven, if you want to get Illegal Mexican out of your yard . . . try the towels soaked in ammonia trick!

It definately worked for me!

  • Our old house in Boulder . . . I sure miss that place (I still have that truck)!

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