LensRental.com now rents Pentax

Started Aug 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
RCicala Regular Member • Posts: 404
Re: LensRental.com now rents Pentax

Thank you, that's a great start for me.

We do have one 645 camera with stock lens we've been able to get (full disclosure, of course we got it so I could play with it) but since we can't get repairs done we probably won't get into it further right now.

I have to say, after shooting the 33 and 77mm lenses the last few days, if these are better I'm going to have a ball. I was really impressed with those two -- the resolution was superb and contrast just great. I seem to be gravitating more and more to the K-5, the K-01 just doesn't fit my hands well.

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