EX2F vs S100 .. IQ Comparison:

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Re: EX2F vs S100 .. IQ Comparison:

if u read the review of g1x of dpreview, it is compared with olympus xz-1. using it's large aperture to avoid using higher iso. there's not much difference between the quality of two.

if ex2f's sensor is as good s100, it's not impossible for ex2f to get same quality as nex-f3 with kitlens.

Tapper123 wrote:

That's the NEX F3. I bought it for a couple trip, and it was great. Highly recommended for that purpose.

I'm sure the Ex2f won't be nearly as good for IQ.

inazuma11 wrote:

this is what couple do when travelling.

of course i won't buy this model if it really bad like the test sample.

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