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Re: Thoughts on slide copying

wkay wrote:

I tried the 50mm reversed, very sharp over its entire field even at f1.4 but alas, only pics up about 50% of the slide. Guess you could take multiple shots and stitch them together but not quite the effort I had in mind.

I don't have experience with the Canon 1.4/50, but in general the 1.8/50 or 2.0/50 standard lenses are MUCH better for macro than the 1.4/50 or 1.2/50 versions. And a real 50-55mm macro is again better for slide copying than a 1.8/50 standard lens, although none of them are optimised for 1:1. Most 50mm macro and enlarger lenses are optimised for 1:10 reproduction ratio, but still pretty good around 1:1. Only a few macro lenses are optimised for 1:1 (e.g. the Olympus OM 4/80mm macro).

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