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Re: Shadow & Highlight Recovery C1 Pro 5 vs. LR 4.1

Robin Casady wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Artistic judgement isn't the question here. Look at the highlights. Lightroom 4.1 recovered the clouds better than Capture One Pro 6. At the same time it was able to open up the shadows more. I could have easily moved the black point to increase the blacks. That isn't the point. The point is how do you accomplish the same level of recovery in C1?
Robin Casady

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But it is (artistic judgement).... I mean we are trying to do photography IMO there is a confusion between "more recovery" and "better recovery", clearly I have never compared which recovers "more" because I am not interested to do so..., my satisfaction is for what serves my photography and my aim... OTOH I think that "opening the shadows more" is only an impression of yours, if you look at the EXTREME shadows you'll notice that C1 has retained more info, it is an impression that is caused by the fact that LR presents the area above the extremes as being brighter but "duller" at the same time. I am clearly with C1's "view" for the better image. Same applies for the HLs... LR will look darker in all but the EXTREME HLs... but C1 will have retained more info at the extremes... Look at my development of the DPR image above and concentrate on the "reflective surface" at the side of the bus and then at the front wheel of the bus (this will show how LR kills shadows), then look INSIDE the front wheel (in the deepest shadow of the space of the dome that surrounds the wheel) for the info kept there...


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