FZ50 - Cat-and-Mouse Game

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Re: FZ50 - Cat-and-Mouse Game

Here he plays. Haribo is a very sweet cat who never claw.

Otherwise an interesting thing about bridges is that there is no sync.
I could use a fast shutter speed in combination with the flash, while manual.

I messed up the first with the flash in "Preset" to 1/30 or 1/60, and everything in the trash.
I tried 1/250 and it was still too slow.

The flash freezes the subject well, but the classic sync speed is too slow. I had more blur, due to the expo too slow.

It would have taken me to be in complete darkness, but in daylight it doesn't, because Haribo continues to move after the flash.

I went up to 1/1000 second and 1/1300, as the flash is powerful enough to TTL, I was able to correct exposure and freeze motion in manual.
View Exif in my SmuMug gallery.

In my opinion, a reflex or a hybrid with a sync speed of 1/250 second or less can not do anything.
For these photos, it's still a big advantage not having curtain obturator.
An interesting case study.

Sorry for my English, I'm still French.

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