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On Ultrabook??

Sethboy wrote:

I know laptop screens will not ever match a good external monitor

What are opinions on buying an Ultrabook model - I'm looking more at the portability (weight, size) and being able to do basic editing - yes uploading to the web not finely tuning color.

My old laptop years ago was a clunker (even by the standards at the time) and the last laptop I have (an aging Lenovo Thinkpad T60) is way past useful and clunky too.

Having something I could stick in a shoulder bag such as a 13-inch Ultrabook is quite attractive, although at a higher price with less resolution and poor graphics card I'm torn.

Any thoughts on them?

I agree with the others that the desktop route is the best if you want the best in power/speed. It may be cheaper too and you can knock off U$150-200 from your U$700 for the same specs.

If you travel a lot or on the move, ultrabooks that are i5's are the best at this time. They are light, relatively fast (scalable speed), but low power. You just need to be aware of some things with ultras:

  • HDD size may be small at 120gb or so if SSDs are used.

  • Batt life may not be as long if you will edit a lot, so you must be near a socket

  • Ultra's are more expensive at this time. Price is going down but they can still be around U$200 more than regular notebooks.

There are 500gb's with 32gb SSD components, and they are almost as fast as full SSDs. If you decide to go for the latter, best to get a external portable HDD (500-750-1TB-1.5TB) for your pic and video storage. 120gb SSD is just enough for your OS and some programs. You are going to run out of space with SSDs only. Going for even a 256gb SSD is not just expensive at this time, but it will still not be enough to store all your photos and videos in the long run.

Your T60 has served you well. If you have not yet used today's new cpu's you'll be amazed how fast and low power they are now. Your T60 is like running a 100cc motorcycle vs a 6-cyl SUV by standards if you compare speeds.

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