Tips/Suggestions appreciated for an indoor event

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Re: Tips/Suggestions appreciated for an indoor event

Impossible to be too exact without knowing the light level but your two lenses should do fine. I'd not be afraid of high ISO, a little noise is better than a total blur If the lighting is fairly constant I'd shoot manual and have the flash fire at -1.5 ev to fill any unwanted shadows. You may find the 50mm a bit long at 15ft if you want more than one person in the frame and if you use your zoom it should be ideal wide open and use the highest practical SS to stop movement.

Ash A wrote:

I will be shooting an indoor event for a friends family - an Indian cultural dance. This is in a school auditorium. I have a Canon XS with 17-55 2.8 lens, 50 mm Canon 1.8. The setting is a school auditorium with lights off mostly. There will quite a bit of subject movement.Appreciate any tips you can share. Would you suggest a different lens that I rent or look at? I try avoiding using flash as the distance between the subject and where I will be is pretty distant (more than 15 feet)

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