Am I crazy? D70, D90, D5100

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Re: Am I crazy? D70, D90, D5100

The beauty of the 1/500 second flash sync on the D70/D70s is that you might not always need to stack a neutral density ND filter on your lens if using fill-flash outside. The more "modern" cameras (such as the D90) equipped with slower flash sync speeds, used outdoors almost always means you'll need a ND filter with fill flash, especially shooting at larger apertures on say, your 50 f1.8. On the flip side the D90 is a pretty decent higher ISO performer.

Consider where I come from: the owner of a D80 not equipped with the D70's high flash sync or the D90's decent high ISO performance. D80 image quality falls apart pretty fast above ISO400. On top of that, the D80 has quite possibly the most unpredictable matrix meter of any Nikon DSLR. The D80 is the camera Thom Hogan loves to hate. From my viewpoint the D90 and D70 (!!) are both upgrades from a D80. Heck, a D50 is probably an upgrade from the D80! You know the old saying, "the grass is always greener where you aren't"!

It sounds like going with the D5100 would've left you with REAL buyer's remorse, so going with the D90 was probably wise.

As for your lens choices, I can't really say what is the best course of action since I've not used any superzooms. I have read some favorable reviews on that 18-270 Tammy, though.

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