Open fire heat artifact on photos

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Re: Open fire heat artifact on photos

this is inexperience showing again. not trying to be rude, but with a basic photography book you would have learned that:

in the first picture, your main light source was passing through the fire to your subject

in the second picture, your main light source was not passing thruogh the area with the fire - it was the ambient soft light with some key light coming from the fire itself

this is why you see the heat haze in the first, and not in the second. in addition contrast is a lot lower in the second image

Lance B wrote:

KHous wrote:

Here's one example, but this was taken without flash. To my eye I see no heat artifact. Your comments?

The flash had contributed to the effect on the other photo, ie the flash itself caused shadows to form on your subject as well as the flash showing up the heat haze.

On this photo, there is not enough difference in light, ie background and subject etc, to see the difference.

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