Just Printing vs Printing

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Just Printing vs Printing

part 1

the most important thing to ASK yourself when get your photo editing software is. what kind of paper am i going to print on? OR what does my customer, client or gallery want?

in general papers break down like this:
Matte - absorbs ink, lower Image Resolution(IR) ppi can be used
Ultrasmooth - some ink becomes brighter when printed, whites are brighter.
Semi Glossy - holds ink on surface and does not absorb inks.
Glossy - best at holding sharp lines, using very high IR gives the best image.

papers - http://www.pigment-print.com/spectralplots/distrilinks.htm

you can buy a sample packs sheets and test print 1 image on each sheet. (for Studio's these images should be shown to client and asked which paper do you want your image to be printed on.)
next you must download their ICC Profiles in order to print.

next you need a printer. Epson's printers are the best. but if your not printing over 16x20's then you can buy any of the top printers. you'll see very little difference and neither will the client or customer. But a Gallery will know the difference. That's where selling larger prints of landscapes or B&W's will matter. so you will want the best printer to print up to 40x60's.

(note: if your really a high end Landscape shooter you will need to find a printer using a 12 ink system. if your starting out. find the best local print using an Epson.)

once you have your printer and the ICC Profiles loaded. you can now set up your Proofing. set up a custom proof for each paper your going to print on.

next you need the correct image IR ppi to print its best quality.

open your image. open the Image Size window. Turn off all the boxes so when you type in the Resolution the image size changes. Now change that Resolution to what the printer wants to start with. Ex. Epson wants 360. Canon wants 300.

now we need to make sure the image fits on the paper. if not - in the Image Size window set the size of the print you want to print say 11x14. copy the pixel values. then reset the resolution and click OK.

Select the Square Selection Tool and set the values to the pixel values you recorded.
Select the best area you want to print.

Next turn on the Proof (what paper you want to print on.) Select the other Proofs to see the different looks the papers are going to give you.

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