I would like a less expensive 400mm f/4.

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Re: I would like a less expensive 400mm f/4.

JackM wrote:

I wonder if a "budget" 400/4L could be made without IS, without DO, and without the latest unobtanium bits, say for about $1800.

By unobtainium bits, do you include the fluorite gemstone which makes an L lens an L lens? If not, no chance.

If you're willing to go with lesser grade materials, I believe a 400/4 could be made for $1800. It doubt it could be profitably_sold_ for that sum.

You can always find someone willing to sell you your dream. But they'll never sell it to you for your offer price. If you're lucky, they'll sell it to you at a price you can almost afford. Here's wishing you luck in the future.

Until then, rent or use lesser gear like the rest of the soccer moms and dads.

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