17mm PC-E any interest?

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Re: 17mm PC-E any interest?

Chas P wrote:

I'm just getting into the idea of shifting when shooting interiors but don't think I'd get on too well with the 24. Am I wrong? I usually shoot at 12mm and crop out the ceilings or driveways etc. but would enjoy a superwide that could shift. My end use is normally less than a thousand pix wide on a web listing so I'm getting by with my D700 but lose a bit of resolution when I crop.
I wonder why there's no 17 or even wider in the Nikon line-up?

Hold on... It's coming. Apparently there is a Nikon patent for 17mm PC-E...

Of course Nikon has to fill the gap with Canon so I think in a couple of months we can expect an announcement on this.

Personally I use 24 PC-E for outside architecture, and 14-24 for inside shots. But I don't like the 14-18mm range results, so a 17mm shift would be perfect.

Don't get too excited by the 'too much wide angle' lenses. It gets further away of what the human eye can see and therefor the results can look unsatisfying. Look at professional interior photographers portfolios... They don't use these extremely wide angles that often... Only when they really have to. It's for multiple reasons.

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