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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Yep, Erik Ohlson already said it ...

morepix wrote:

... much more simply, while I was typing away. Sneaky guy!

Hee, hee.

Actually, you made some interesting points.

For instance, you wrote:

Pixels & detail: Plus, one reason many people like shooting panoramas is that it allows capture and use of lots of pixels => lots of detail. Whereas Pano Shot mode in the camera is limited to less than 9mp for horizontal panos and around 11 for vertical panos -- both less than a single 4:3 frame. Compare the "old" way: with three shots in either directions and 1/3 overlap between frames, you get around 28 mp.

I actually did that in this case:

I took 2 vertical shots and stitched them because I couldn't step back - this is on a floating 'island' made of reeds in Lake Titicaca & I'd have fallen in.

But, also, it got me a photo at something like 8-10 MP with a 5MP camera, much better detail, exactly the point you were making, thanks!


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