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Some old-fashioned thoughts about sweep panoramas
  • New way vs. old way : I just read over the manual pages on Panorama Shot mode. With all the restrictions on its use, I can't see much, if any, interest in using it -- when it's so easy to take multiple shots at full resolution in any quality you like, then stitch them together with something as simple and "cheap" as Microsoft ICE.

  • Pixels & detail : Plus, one reason many people like shooting panoramas is that it allows capture and use of lots of pixels => lots of detail. Whereas Pano Shot mode in the camera is limited to less than 9mp for horizontal panos and around 11 for vertical panos -- both less than a single 4:3 frame. Compare the "old" way: with three shots in either directions and 1/3 overlap between frames, you get around 28 mp.

  • Use of panoramas : I should talk! I rarely shoot a panorama -- only when I'm bored or maybe have had an extra glass of wine. And I can say for sure that I've never printed and mounted and hung one -- never. Of course, that's just my experience. But if you want the shot only for e-mailing to friends (and enemies?), the very easiest way is to set the zoom to as wide as you can, back up (if necessarily and possible), take one shot, and crop.

But streaming panoramas seem to be all the rage. What am I misssing?

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