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Re: My observations

Robin Casady wrote:

henry wl wrote:

I did a lot of tests on my D800E raw files during the past weekend and eventually bought C1.

C1 has very good default sharpen, pictures are much sharper and with more resolutions from very beginning. I tried to trick my LR4 to the same level, but no matter how I tried, I could't match LR4's result with C1's, or ended up with much more noisy pictures.

I've seen that on screen, but I can't see it in a 20x30" print from an Epson 7800. The D800E produces a 20x30" print at 240 ppi. This is said to be a good resolution for the 7800, as is 360 ppi. I still have more testing to do to verify this impression.

On the other hand, LR4's new Hightlight/White/Shadow/Black sliders are much better than C1's High Dynamic Range sliders. LR4 reveals highlights and shadows but still maintains good local contrast, while adjust of the high dynamic sliders on C1 makes pictures either very flat or not enough recovery of highlight/shadow details.

That is what I found. Theodoros Fotometria claimed that C1 was better at recovering shadow detail, but I found Lightroom 4.1 to be much better.

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No I didn't say that it's better to recover HL/LL detail, I said that it can can keep much more "weight" on both LL/HL while not loosing detail... thus giving a "filmish" presentation, which as a result is MUCH more natural and thus "photographic"..., the LR/ACR (same dev. engine/result) can recover much of shadows and HLs but it is "lighter" on this extremes and end's up with "digital" appearence..., it can also "kill" light shadows, which are very important to photographers. I am surprised Lance finds the C1P1 to lead in a dull result... clearly in my mind he tries to do things (LL HL recovery) the way he does them in LR which he shouldn't, that is why I insist to develop for the best possible result and not for "equal" development... I print on an Epson 9900 and find the prints of the E in my MFDB territory... the D800 can improve on C1 but the developer is clearly after microcontrast (not the case with LR) and thus the E will show the full of its potential if compared with the "plain"... I suggest to Lance to try and develop an extreme high contrast scene and to start by giving the curve a slight S-slope form (by slightly decreasing "lows" and slightly advancing "highs") before he tryies anything else... this of course is the opposite to what is done in LR for recovery... but have a look at the info that has been retained in C1... you'll be surprised! It's all result of the extra microcontrast.


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