Nikon 50mm. 1.4 or 1.8 G???

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Re: Nikon 50mm. 1.4 or 1.8 G???

Doberman wrote:

hello all,

I have a quick question. I have both lenses. I have to give one away. Do not ask and unfortunately don have time to shoot and test. Looking at the reviews and comparisons, it seems like the 1.8 seems to be a better choice. Since I own both don't have to worry about price which one would you keep? Why?

It seems like,

1.8 advantages are:
Better color saturation
Faster autofocus
Sharper in the center

1.4 advantage:
Well, 1.4, faster lens
??? Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance

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If the 50/1.4 is the G lens, I don't understand why you are even considering to give it away.


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