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New Lens Choices

I recently started to shoot pics for a living and am now trying to decide what new lenses to buy. I have a D7000 and will soon be buying a low mileage used back up camera or a new main camera depending on what is available when I start looking seriously. (D400?, D600?, D7000, D700, D300s, or a D800 if things go better than I expect them to...) I will probably start a new thread in another DPR forum to get some input on that but here is the plan as of today.. I hope to eventually get a FX camera because I do a lot of landsacape, wedding, event, portrait, wildlife and street type photography. Right now I am just going for the glass and feel that primes are the best way to go BUT there is always a 2nd, 3rd and so on opinion which I am really interested in hearing. I have a 50mm 1.8, a 18-200 VR and an old kit lens 18-55mmVR which subs for a macro lens when I am doing wedding stuff that I need close ups for,,, ie: rings, flowers etc,, I don't really like the kit lens but it was $50.00 and works well for what I use it for. I also have a 200-500mm Tamron for wildlife stuff but right now I want to concentrate on shots that can make me money... (Later on I will probably invest in a 500 or 600mm prime for wildlife since I live near a wildlife refuge and love to take pics there.)

My choices for my next couple of lenses are the Nikon 28mm 1.8 af-s and the 85mm 1.8 af-s primes. I recently tried to buy the 85mm my local camera shop and they temporarily talked me out of it saying that the DOF wasn't as friendly or easy to use. (I share lenses with my novice shooter wife when we do weddings, she is learning to do the events stuff while I concentrate on the B&G.) I love my 50 1.8 and after a short learning curve had no probs (Or very few) with the DOF. Do I need to worry about the 85mm or will it be as easy as the 50mm?

The 28mm comes down to a decision between it and the Toklna 11-16 (Which I realize is much wider) that are the same cost. I will be using it for group photos and portraits at events, formal wedding pics and then a lot of landscape stuff that I like to do some of which will be sold (hopefully)... Which do you favor???

Also.. I have heard a lot of raves about the 35mm 1.8 af-s but also read about its CA and the fact that it isn't as sharp.. Would my novice wife be able to pick up the 35 with a short learning curve and beging to work with primes that way? I realize that it wouldn't work well with the FX cameras but she will probably have the D7000 to work with once I make a decision on the camera...

The last lens once I start making more money will be th 70-200 VR but that's not going to happen for about one year if all goes according to my plan...

With FX in mind as a long run primary camera I am open to other cost effective but good quality lenses to work with...

Thanks to all for your input...


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