Canon EOS M or Fujifilm X-Pro 1

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Re: Canon EOS M or Fujifilm X-Pro 1

When I first read the OP I thought this was one of my posts because you have an almost identical camera set up with an almost identical quest: to find a small but fast camera for when you don't want to lug the 5Dii around. Same as me except my requirement is street photography and I'm looking for interchangeable lenses, but the speed thing is the same.

You mention that you are looking for a 'compact' camera. The XPro 1 is not compact, believe me. In fact I was surprised at how big it is, it's almost dslr sized. It's also over-priced IMHO. The X100 is so much cheaper but you're stuck with a fixed lens. The Canon EOS M, as has already been mentioned, will not be compact by the time you stick your lenses on it.

Firstly not sure about the Nikon J1. That got luke-warm reviews.

Secondly, can you deal with a proper compact? The high-end ones like the RX100 are super fast. Have you been in a camera shop yet and tried any of these because that's the only way to make a decision, ultimately (apologies for stating the obvious). On paper I'd have poo-poo'd the Sony but having played with one I haven't written it off my list, even though I wasn't in the market for a compact.

Thirdly, have you thought about replacing the 5Dii with something like the Oly OM-D? Plenty of people on this forum have and have not regretted it. Auto-focus is super fast and it's light as you like too. If you sold your 5Dii gear you'd have enough to buy everything you could ever want. It is tiny, but in a good way. IQ amazing for m4/3.

Fourthly, how about either the Oly Pen series or the Lumix GX1? These are my potential shotlisted cameras. I've played with the GX1 and loved it but loved the EPL3 even more, so I'm waiting to try the EP3 before comparing that to the GX1. I'm kinda hoping Olympus will bring out an EP4 before I make up my mind! Whatever, they boast interchangeable lenses, pancake lenses that'll fit in your pocket, and are fast.

Sony Nex7 it pretty cool too but it starts getting big when sticking lenses on it that aren't primes. I'm still thinking of it as an option with a wide-angle pancake, and the EVF is a boon too.

Sorry for ramblings, just wanted to tell you what my considerations were because we're in a similar situation. Please keep me posted of your decision, I'd love to know how you get on. Good luck!

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