RX100 jacket case, only $19 shipped!!

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Re: RX100 jacket case, only $19 shipped!!

I have this case and to be honest, I don't really like it.

The top section has been done cheaply by just folding the leather over, rather than stitching a properly formed top section on. This means it doesn't really fit that well: the "depth" of the case is greater at the bottom compared to the top, so the front section doesn't stand vertically, but leans backwards and is not parallel to the camera. Also there are gaps at the sides exposing the top of the camera.

I paid £8 for mine, delivered. It is incredible for the price, but junk (imho) nevertheless.

There are newer and more encouraging chinese rip offs that address the shortcomings I describe above. However, the best of these - which is real leather - is £42, and given you can get the Sony case for £45, I am not so sure it's worth it. The material will be better, but likely the overall quality is worse.

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