Got my A77VQ, now what telephoto zoom?

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Re: Got my A77VQ, now what telephoto zoom?

tjstyphon1 wrote:

Depending on our shooting style and subjects we might need lots of overlap in focal ranges to enable us to shoot particular events. And perhaps some parts of the range don't need to be covered at all.

I shoot mostly landscapes but have a baby coming soon so I will be shooting a lot more people pics in the near future! I have a couple lenses from my previous camera, but they are all old metal Minolta and I figured I needed some newer glass to go with the new camera! I have the 50mm 1.7, beercan, and a 75-300...all Minolta. I plan on upgrading the prime to the Sony 35 1.8 and getting rid of the 75-300 (heavy and super slow focusing). But I know I need more reach than the 16-50, so just trying to find the best fit!

Have you tried the 75-300 on the A77? I have the big beercan version 75-300, and found it slow, constantly hunting, and a pain to use when I had an A330. After upgrading to the A77, it's still not the fastest, but it'll snap right into focus and stay there.

If video is your primary concern, have you considered an external Mic? I can't imagine that a $200 microphone wouldn't be an improvement even if you already had a silent lens.

But, the three lenses I'm aware of that I'd suggest you consider at the Sony 55-200 SAM, the Tamron 70-300 SP USD and the Sigma 50-150 HSM. The Sony is probably the cheapest, and the loudest (SAM isn't SSM like quiet), but it has decent IQ and is inexpensive. The Tamron and the Sigma really come down to range over aperture, the Tamron going to 300mm and the Sigma having f2.8. Assuming you can get the outlet price on a refurb it's a similar range as the Tamron (probably post $100 rebate they seem to be running all year so far).

There are a couple other 70-210 f2.8 lenses out there that usually hit the $1k price range, and most of the rest are screw drive.

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