Best Macro Lense for D5100???

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Re: Best Macro Lense for D5100???

I have enjoyed using the Tamron 60mm 2.0 for the past year on my 5000. It's light and sharp and usually comes with a big rebate. It's fine if you're doing flowers and various textures, probably too short if you will shoot insects.

Since it's a 90mm equivalent, it is also ideal for portraits.

Tamron's 90mm macro, which someone mentioned and is still available, was hugely popular in the film/full frame days. This newer 60mm was their re-working of the lens for the digital age. The new lens has two benefits: brighter at 2.0, and internal focusing. The old Tamron 90mm really trombones out there.

Nikon's 60mm 2.8 focuses faster in low light but is also more expensive. You probably won't use autofocus much on macro anyway.

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