New firmware for Canon new tele lenses

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Re: sounds optional to me.

Lemming51 wrote:

It's a tweak to improve performance, not a fix to a manufacturing defect. Still, they're handling it as a Product Advisory (free warranty service). How is that any different than other PAs to brand new lenses, like the 24-105L flare issue or the 70-300 barrel droop?

Judging from reports from those who have had the "fix" done, it sounds like much more than a simple product advisory. It seems to completely change the way the lens focuses.

You are correct though, a fix is a fix. It's just that when shooting sports focus is EVERYTHING and anything that can enhance focus performance at all is pretty much mandatory. The frustration is having to pack up and send an $11K piece of gear two weeks before fall season starts. There is risk from damage, loss and the possibility that the fix will make things worse.

I'm skipping the fix until winter. My 400 works fine with my two MkIV's which is what I will be using for the fall season. The problem seems to mostly involve the 1D-X and while I have a "X" I don't intend to use it for the fall field sports season.

Once fall is over we should have a better consensus on just what the "fix" did and then I have all winter to get it done as the 400 sits in the case during basketball and swimming season.

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