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Used to be a time when I would be upset by a post.... but not any longer! I really like to see how people put others right if they step out of line.... thanks everyone!

As far as the 16-50 goes, I just had to comment on how good it really is! From my old A100 days, I was very close to changing to C or N due to the horrible 18-70mm kit that I got with that, so the difference is remarkable!

My progression of everyday lenses was as such:
-18-70 kit (came with the A100 which was my first DSLR).

-18-200mm Tamron (which followed soon after my purchase, because the kit was so terrible - no regrets!)

-18-250mm Tamron (because I found a used one to go with my A700, and I really liked the extra bit of reach - no regrets there, either)

-16-50mm Sony.... because of its f2.8 aperture, and because it came with the A77!

I have to say that I was in two minds about getting the 16-50mm as a kit, and had a looong hard look at teh new Tamron 18-270PZ (which has silent drive) for the A77. In the end, I decided the faster lens would be more important than the quieter one, and I am really happy with my choice.

As far as the A77 + 70-400G combo goes, it is a really nice match. The only issue I have is the size (and a littel about the silver colour being noticeable), over the 70-300G. I tried both the 70-400G and the 70-300G for my daughter's field hockey matches, and I would be very hard pressed to say which was better..... for reach, the 70-400G did have the edge, but now with 24Mp to crop from, this becomes much less of an issue! You can crop quite substantially from a pic taken with the 70-300G, and still get a jpeg that you can print usably to A4 size! The 70-300G is much lighter, and more manoevrable, and less conspicuous, but still takes awesome images....

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