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Re: Aftermarket OMD Grip

Diane B wrote:

I'm happy with mine also. Got it last Friday. I bought the combo with the L bracket (which is easily removable) so my plate goes the width of the camera. Still does not cover the battery door, has the strap post, also on a silver OMD and the very black grip looks good on it. I wanted a grip, an AS plate and AS L bracket and this serves all those purposes, is light and well made.

I can only second that. The L and plate features made it for me.

As an early adopter I at first had to buy the Olympus grip. I have been happy with it; good build quality and function as expected with the same good feel to the dial and shutter button as to the corresponding controls on the camera. Great.

When the Milich grip came I suspected it wouldn't be as nice to hold as the Olympus grip is. I recently got a chance to hold an E-M5 with the Milich grip (first version) on it and the overall feel of the grip was much better than expected. It's not as nice as the Olympus grip though.

But, as a tripod user I find the Milich grip to be the better one; I get the AS plate, the L bracket and a secure grip, all in one. Not the extra features, that's true. But I'm a friend of simplicity also...

My Olympus grip is now up for sale.


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