My Third D800 with Left Af- ARGHHH!

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Re: My Third D800 with Left Af- ARGHHH!

This is interesting Clark95. After AF Fine Tune, the picture looks dramatically different!

I am a little bleary-eyed this morning, but it no longer looks certain to me that this body has a left AF problem, or if it does it's very moderated (which doesn't actually match the description of this problem, since the Left-AF problem is a gross error, not a subtle error). I wish you luck whatever you decide, and keep us posted, and by all means post other samples if you wish!

Clark95 wrote:

True. I'll do a little more testing and see with another lens. Yesterday I was just happy to improve it so much that I was almost willing to accept it. I don't need the camera, and the first one I had I sent in for repair first. I received it back and all it indicated was cleaning of the auto-focus. After experiencing their customer service, I would just return it rather than sending it in for repair.

Moondancer wrote:

If you were shooting portrait for Pinocchio then remember to focus on the tip of his nose
with the left AF point to get sharp eyes.

All kidding aside, personally I would consider your results unacceptable. Especially

since this is only at 50mm, I would expect 24mm to be even worse. At this point I

probably wouldn't send in the camera to Nikon for service since there is no reliable fix

yet, and your center point looks quite good after AF fine tune. If you need to keep this

camera, then just avoid using the left AF point. If you don't need the camera or need
the left AF point, then the best bet will be to return it.

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