Updating firmware for Canon 50D

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Re: Updating firmware for Canon 50D

Jane S wrote:

Not to be ignorant, but do I need to have a CF card that is capable of utilizing the update?

Any CF card will do.

Or, should I use a CF card that already works in the camera? Should a use a new, formatted card for the update, with no other info on that card? Once I update through that CF card, will it "tell" the camera what to do for future reference? I won't have to do this every time, right?

Again, any card will do. It is recommended to format the card prior to copying the firmware update file to it, but technically it is not required. Do follow the instructions if you are unsure.

Gawd, I hope I can find all the connections, cd, etc, that came in the box.

You do not need much. A CF card reader to copy the firmware onto the CF card will do. Or - if it is possible to update the 50D using the EOS Utility (which I think is supported) - you can simply use a USB cable to connect the camera to the computer and then perform the update using EOS Utility.

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