Most tested AF system ever: what will come out of that?

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Most tested AF system ever: what will come out of that?

Well, now that fear has installed itself in the mind of every Nikon user re D800's AF system, every new purchaser tests all their AF points for accuracy, something I doubt was ever done for any camera. The previous well-publicized case of AF issue was with the 1D3 from Canon, but there you would only see issues if you were a skilled tester with good action AF experience. Even action pros would have had a hard time doing a proper test and checking results, so many just went along with the internet pro testers like Galbraith and credited every oof image to the problematic system, even if their camera was perfectly working to the standards set by Canon.

I have been following it here, since I intend to get a D800 (likely an E). I have now seen many instances of people with pretty acceptable results (taking into account, for example, lenses' characteristics re off-center resolution drop) but that are still insecure about the results (and a few returning their cameras that look perfectly good IMO, much better than my D7k re LV x VF focus).

Nikon haven't helped, just like Canon a few years ago, w/o any official word on the issue, basically denying that there have been serious problems with some cameras.

Now Lloyd Chambers has declared the D800 problematic re AF. It doesn't matter, actually, that his tests look pretty lacking in many aspects. This has reached a level that will hurt Nikon in the mid to long run. Canon seem to have finally been able to produce a very good AF system, precise and consistent. It looks that they went a long way and reworked it from bottom up, including lenses in the process.

Nikon will likely continue in silence, and will need to come up with a new system the next cycle to erase the present feeling of failure that has tainted the D800's launch, an otherwise brilliant camera.

Others may feel otherwise and that this is just internet hysteria that will fade away. Possibly, but the chances are against that scenario, IMO.
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