Plugs, wires, wires, more plugs and more wires...

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Plugs, wires, wires, more plugs and more wires...

I was just wondering how others solve their wiring issues and if anyone has good advice for an efficient way of managing mains connections.

Of course, there are always the USB and ethernet leads to add to the mix, but I'm trying to sort out my plugs first.

To give an idea, in my small computer/print room I have amongst other minor items:

Computer with monitor, Wacom Cintiq and Creative sound (4 plugs)
Laptop (1 plug)
4 camera CCTV recorder with monitor and VGA adpter (6 plugs)
3 printers (3 plugs)
5 external drives and 2 NAS drives (7 plugs)
Gigabit router and ADSL modem (2 plugs)
7 battery chargers (7 plugs)
Telephone base (1 plug)
CD player (1 plug)
Electric fan heater (1 plug)

So you see, although I'm sure I'm not unique or even unusual, I have 32 plugs that are all in pretty much constant use to one degree or another. What I find tedious is unplugging and plugging to swap sockets and I also try to minimise having items on standby if they can be fully off (trying to be green and save money!).

Hence, I was wondering how any of you resolve this in an efficient manner to allow maximum ability to individually turn on/off items and limit the number of plug swaps needed.

I've implemented remote multi-socket mains adapters and wired a number of multi-plugs, but still am being buried under wires.

Ideas would be most welcome!

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