Need Good Wide Angle Lens for Yosemite

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Re: Need Good Wide Angle Lens for Yosemite

Lets see now :
We have some reference quotes and associated URLs

(1) “The field of view (which is what "wide" is all about) is actually determined just as much by format size as by focal length.”

(2) “Because of this crop, the effective field of view (FOV) is reduced by a factor proportional to the ratio between the smaller sensor size and the 35 mm film format (reference) size.”

(3) “The Sony E 16mm f/2.8 is a so-called "pancake" lens for the Sony NEX system. The field-of-view is equivalent to a classic 24mm full format lens”

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We have the original post:

“...would like a wide angle lens to capture all the scale. …. Are there any good wide angle 16mm (or shorter) alpha mounts that I should consider? Preferably something that will still AF on my NEX 5N. “

--My suggestion was that he might look at the Olympus G. Zuiko Auto-W 1:2.8 f=25mm Since it has about the same field of view as 16mm.

--Your response to my suggestion

“This is an utterly wrong and very misleading statement that you keep repeating even after being corrected on previous postings, like here:...”

In reply I provide 2 reference quotes (1), (2). note: relevance is field of view in the NEX forum and lenses mounted on a NEX 5N .

You further pontificate :

”I have no idea why you think the PEN-F 25mm lens behaves differently from any other lens on a NEX, but it doesn't. It has a focal length of 25mm whatever camera it is mounted on and behaves exactly as any other 25mm lens would, but in particular it does not produce images with anything like the FoV of a 16mm lens.”

As noted above the post was w.r.t. NEX 5N an APS-C sensor were ref item (1) & (2) again are germane.

Your last post is another tirade on focal lengths, field of view barn doors, 24mm Zeiss lens etc.

Concluding statement

The Olympus G. Zuiko Auto-W 1:2.8 f=25mm has about the same field of view as Sony E 16mm f/2.8 on the NEX 5 which has an APS-C sensor and with a crop factor 1.5 ref (2) & ref(3) can be relevant in understanding.

I've resorted to citing references since my (common) use of camera/lens characteristics seem to raise your ire. finis

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