Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

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Re: Yawn - maybe some perspective is needed here

As I already mentioned in another thread, I had two limited opportunities to shoot the 5DIII and D800 side by side, and I must agree with what subprime is saying here : I found my 5DIII AF to be a bit better, but the difference is small.

Of course, when Subprime calls the 5DIII DR mediocre, as he does in a post above, he might be betraying a dearth of perspective himself I find the DR of the camera to be excellent across the ISO range, although the D800 certainly has an advantage at 100iso.

The truth is that both cameras perform impressively overall, each having specific advantages which become significant only at the extrem margin of photographic practice.

So as to bring new life to the Canon / Nikon tomatoe throwing match, may I suggest that we start discussing the relative merits of the D900 vs 5DIV ? With our imagination as the only limit to the feature set of these cameras, this should prove an interesting debate

SubPrime wrote:

iShootWideOpen wrote:

Read (link below) what the ultimate Nikon homer has to say.

All reviews suggest the 5D3 is a great camera, but you'd never know it based on the obsession here with the D800, six months after it was announced.

So here is what Chambers has to say:

"At closer range, my past experience has seen better results, e.g. focusing on eyes for portraits. So my comments must be taken in context of “medium and far” distance, and also with f/1.4 lenses in the 24mm - 85mm range."

I hate to break it you folks, but if 80 feet is moderate, then by Chamber's standards, 85 is a close range kinda lens.

So to put things in perspective:

1. The test only pertains to ONE lens at 80 feet or more shot wide open. That will be of no consequence fo 99% of photographers.

2. Being a classic portrait lens, 99% of shots will be taken within the distance that Chambers says he gets consistent AF results.

3. At 80 feet, a 6 person fills half the frame in landscape orientation or 1/3 of frame in portrait orientation.


1. It is not a problem for anyone shooting portraits
2. It is not a problem for any of the zooms or telephoto lenses

3. It is likely not a problem if you want to take more than one shot (as most wedding shooters tend to)

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