Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800?

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Re: Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800?

CFynn wrote:

In the absence of any official statement from Mikon it's hard to tell. There have been several reports that the issue had been fixed - but on the other hand there are continuing reports from some people who say they have found the problem on newly purchased cameras - and from others who have sent a camera with the problem to Nikon and claim it is just as bad (or even worse) when they get it back.

According to Thom Hogan, and he usually is pretty much on top of all things Nikon.

The key point though is... cameras SHIPPED after the beginning of July. So this would not be true for any cameras shipped prior to July that are still in the system.

If Nikon would be more transparent

The issue may not be as big as some on this forum want to believe and the internet tends to blow things out of proportion.

But some kind of official statement from Nikon would not be a bad thing.

If you never use the left AF points at wide apertures it doesn't seem like an issue. I suppose it could affect the resale value of a camera somewhere down the line as, with all the fuss there has been, it is something people will be looking out for.

Unless you want to sell your camera today, I doubt it will be much of an issue 6 months or more from now. And let's not overlook the fact many many people do not spend their time scouring the internet looking for problems.

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