Very fun camera - RX-100

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Re: Very fun camera - RX-100

Nice pics.

Ednaz wrote:

It won't be replacing my DSLR gear anytime soon... which is a shame because my back is killing me. And it's not likely to replace my m4/3 gear for casual shooting, at least for now, because the images don't enlarge like you'd think a 20mp image would, and there are a lot of odd things that keep showing up. I'm hoping that once Adobe gets its raw converter to handle the RX-100, there will be fewer issues to deal with, and the raw conversions will be better. It really seems like Image Data Converter is doing things to the image even if I turn off most of the adjustments.

The flash works reasonably well, although at VERY short distances.

I'm still very cranky about being forced to use only the widest setting for close ups. I like to do a lot of macro shooting, and this isn't ideal. (fill flash for this picture)

However. With decent light (really heavy overcast) and some care in not letting colors blow out, it can do some really lovely images.

One thing I've seen a couple times now that concerns me is what looks like serious flare from highlights in an image. I can see that the lens looks multicoated, but in a number of situations, it's behaving like an old single coated lens. Look at the halos around the white rocks. Stopping down a couple stops takes care of it, but then... what's f1.8 for?.

Overall, if the macro shooting capability wasn't always at the widest field of view, this would be a favorite camera for carrying all the time. All cameras are a bucket of compromises, the trick is to find the compromises that don't bother you and don't fight your shooting style, and strengths that compliment your vision.

As it stands now, I think it's a fine pocket camera, but my briefcase is still going to include my m4/3 gear. (my mind could be changed after another couple weeks of making myself shoot mostly this camera, so I can work out whatever needs to be learned about the camera's capabilities and compromises... but I don't think so.)

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