D800 AF issues: grass is always greener...

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Re: Exactly why CDAF is superior

Everdog wrote:

PDAF needs to be mechanically adjusted. Too many things can go wrong or be defective. Even whe they work perfectly all you can hope for is to equal the accuracy of CDAF. Even that can only happen with the best/most expensive PDAF bodies and only a handful of lenses.

Don't believe me, go read the tests they did over at lensrentals.com. They were linked to in the DPR news section.

btw, most people use single AF almost exclusively.

While the accuracy at best may be only as good as CDAF that's only half the story as the speed can be significantly faster particularly with tracking focus which CDAF is no good at as it can't tell which direction the focus is unlike a PDAF system. The issues with the D800's AF system are not inherent to PDAF, the D700's PDAF system is not only accurate but far faster than a CDAF system.

As for the topic, I did get a slight chuckle out of having left Olympus and gone to Nikon due to serious AF problems with the E-3 that Olympus never acknowledged or managed to repair despite being a widespread issue.


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