I do not recognize STF any more

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Re: I do not recognize STF any more

flektogon wrote:

mcshan wrote:

In every forum I have ever belonged to eventually it becomes "..there are too many changes...I miss the old forum...I miss the old days". Every forum on a variety of subjects.

I have joined the Sony forum 6 years ago when I bought the Sony H5. It was a “novelty” camera, but at that time such cameras were emerging every month, so none of those cameras took over the entire attention of any forum. Yes, the Sony RX100 is a something different. It is not just another new camera. It is a new direction in the digital P&S camera industry, so no surprize that it has taken almost entire attention at the Sony forum. That’s fine, as soon as something interesting there can be found even for those forum members like me, who don’t own and don’t plan to get one. That’s the core of my entire complain. So, eventually the time will heal everything…

6 years is a long time for you to know the trend. In any case, with a little bit of backtracking, you can see this trend even way back before you came in.

There are new cameras here and there. Some take a week or two before the interest dies. Some take a month to three. Some take almost a year (like the NEX 5n) with interest still there. It is obvious that it's not just being a new model that spurs interest. Even a bad camera can drag on for weeks, maybe even a couple of months of bashing or complaining, though that is not often.

The RX100, generates so much interest because it has very few faults. No camera is perfect, because no camera can do it all. But once in a while, something comes in that is just so darn good and hits many spots for the consumer. The RX100 is such a camera. The LX3 was another. So were the G and GH of panasonic. Even the 10d and 300d of Canon had a long streak dominating the boards that it overshadowed the d60 which as just a year old and considered very good for a dslr in its heyday.

If you think the other models are not getting their dues, ask a question about the other models. If you get a response or two, that basically shows how many/few in this forum owns the camera to comment on it. Now, who are you going to blame now? I have a panny TS4, and hardly anyone asks about that very good waterproof cameras in the panny forum. Do I complain that I don't recognize the Panasonic forum because it's full of TZ150 or 200 or some other models? No, I don't.

The reason is simple, it's a recurring cycle. It goes on and off till the next new product comes along. Assuming that product is also interesting. You cannot dictate what is interesting or sought after.

There is also no reason to spin off the RX100 either. It's not really a new class by itself. The Canon G series is long enough and different enough but it never got it's own forum. Mind you, that's a Canon which has a lot of users. Same with Panasonic's G series, which are really different from its P&S cameras.

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