"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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Re: OK, how about this one from the wedding?

Press Correspondent wrote:

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

salamander1 wrote:

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

Two softboxes on 5D, 100mm L, Camera Defaults in ACR, no PP:

You’re kidding right ? This looks like uncle bob photography at very best

you can't expect american glamor in siberia, sir. what do you want?

Oh please , this looks like an iphone shot. Two softboxes eh ? lol Lighting is flat & looks like on camera flash to me. I dont care if it was shot on the moon.

I agree the lighting is a bit flat, as I was sitting right across the table from her and had no control over lighting between plates, forks, and knives there. (I was a guest at the wedding,, not the official photographer.) However, the difference between two soft boxes and a direct flash is quite obvious. The fact that you do not see it does not give much credit to your opinion.

So you as a guest/third shooter (friend) setup two soft boxes to shoot this image from of another guest (it seems) across a table ? Do you really expect me to beleive that ? What strobs were you using and what soft boxes ? What triggers etc ? Do you have some more images to share

Please note the topic of this thread - the difference in color rendering by the 5D variants, not glamor photography. Also note that this is not a studio portrait, but a casual shot of a wedding guest across the table, a girl "next door", not a professional model with a ton of cosmetics on her face to hide the lack of natural beauty.

With all this in mind, what was your point again? Please, I welcome all kind of criticism, as long as I get what people are saying.

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